How to Regram: best practices of reposting Instagram content

reposting Instagram content
Dmytro Polishchuk
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When people want to share social media content that is valuable for them, they could just repost it from another user`s page. We can see the reposting practice on Facebook (simple reposts), on Twitter (retweeting) and on Instagram (regramming). However, sometimes people forget or just don`t know how to perform a repost on Instagram – there is no corresponding button in this application! However, it`s not a serious problem, because right now we will tell you how to regram other user`s content to your profile.

What is a regram?What is a regram

“Regram” is when an Instagram user posts a photo from someone`s else account to their own. Regramming gives you a fresh material that could be shared with your audience. There is no need to generate your own content if you already have one to regram.

How to regram a photo?


The original way to regram is a manual workaround. To complete it, just follow the steps:

  • Find the photo you want to regram on Instagram.
  • Take a screenshot of this image.
  • Select the camera button to post a photo.
  • Crop out your screen so that only the photo remains (you can also perform this action using your phone`s built-in editing tools).
  • Proceed to the caption screen and enter your caption. Be sure that you`ve added a credit with a username of a person, whose photo is reposted.
  • Click to the “share” button.

Regramming with Hootsuite

You can also perform a regramming process using Hootsuite mobile application. It will be quick, so you definitely should know how to do it.

  • When you`ve found the photo you want to share, just click on the button “reshare” below the photo.
  • Choose the social media that you want to repost the photo on. Notice that photo credit will reflect the Instagram handle of the original poster, which may differ from their Twitter handle, you can manually change the username and caption in the compose box.
  • Save changes, send photo or schedule as usual.

Best regramming practices

Ask for permission

If you see a photo that you want to regram, it will be good for you to ask a permission from the photo`s creator. This is a simple process, so you shouldn`t ignore it. The best way to ask for permission is to leave an appropriate comment under the photo. User will see it and answer after a few minutes.

If creator says that you can regram the photo, it`s okay. However, if you don`t get the positive answer, you shouldn`t perform a repost.

Avoid edits if possible

When you`ve chosen the photo for regramming, you`ve probably picked up a good one. If so, please, don`t process it. Users whose photos were reposted before are making their photos good enough, so there is no need to change something. Of course, you can try, but it`s a high possibility that it could disserve an image.

Please, please, please, don`t forget to leave a proper credit

If you have found a profile with good photos and you are ready to perform a repost, you should always add a credit with an author`s name. it`s important because in this way you confirm your brand`s reputation and make other user`s sure that you are following the social media rules.

The perfect variants of leaving a credit are here: “Photo Credit: @username”, “Credit: @username”, or “Captured by @username”.


In fact, people could form their Instagram profiles without regramming. However, this operation could easily change their profile in a better way, because with good photos they have better chances to increase the number of subscribers and, if it`s a brand, make it more popular. We hope that you will pay attention to the regramming practices in the future. Good luck!


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