Simple tips for writing social media ad copy. Try them now!

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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Social media marketers are always working to increase the quality of their ads. They know that there is no better way to draw people`s attention, so they make everything to be better than their opponents.

After a few years of practicing, social media developers found 6 simple tips that can help you to write social media ad copy that converts. Get ready, because this article could bring you a lot of new information.

Combine your copy with complementary visuals and targetingadd in social media

One of the many reasons that users flock to social media platforms is to take a break and enjoy something they want to see and read. They are eating at the restaurant, they are waiting for their computer game to download, and after a few seconds they return to the mobile phone`s screen again.

However, the reason doesn`t matter, because every time you post an add in social media, you must be sure that you text includes CTA button and picture complements the text. In other words, make sure that all parts of your ad work together and deliver a story to user, so when he sees one part his mind will immediately go to the next one. When this scheme works, it`s a hundred percent guarantee that user won`t just “like” the advertisement.

Test ad copy length for performance

All social media platforms allow you to use different ad length. In most cases, it depends on the number of the symbols that is available on the current platform. For example, Twitter will give you only 140 symbols, and Instagram could give you 2000 symbols on the image description. depending on this factor, you are able to experiment with different ad length and measure its success. If you see that some specific ads show good results, you can easily start using them regularly.

Clearly communicate with Who, When, Why, Where and What

The biggest problem of young developers is that they can`t form a normal add, and when we say “normal add”, we mean that this add gives user answers to all important question: who, what, when, why and where. Prepare a special template for yourself and use it while working on every single ad for your brand. Make sure that you have all answers and user will clearly understand what`s your add about.

Extend your brand voice to your brand copysocial media ads

Every brand must have it`s own voice to differ from competitors and take it`s own place on the global market. When users scroll down their news feed, they must recognize your brand from the first look. For example, if your brand is a food delivery, you should use different food elements in your ads. However, make sure that people enjoy them (control the number of likes). What food people like? Hamburgers, pizza, sushi, wok, hot dogs. If you are working with all these meals, show it to the customers.


That`s all for today. We are happy that you`ve read our article to the end and hope that you will use our recommendations while working with your social media ads. Good luck!


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