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Social commerce: a subcategory of electric communion that brings about online and social media that maintains social interplay, and consumer contributions to aid online selling and purchasing of services and products.

Social commerce is the usage of social media in the contexture of in-store or online transactions.

Top three Social Commerce Networks for Marketers

There are three social commerce networks for marketers — Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  1. Facebook (the revenue platform)the revenue platform

We can’t talk about social commerce without mentioning Facebook. Facebook is figuring out how to retain users by showing them personal and valuable info in their feeds. The marketers who are receiving the best outcomes on Facebook are the ones who are able to apply data to better understand their audience. Facebook is also at the vanguard another ecommerce trend — mobile.

The main call for marketers and Facebook is figuring out how to get people to terminate their purchases on their smartphones. Facebook is already taking steps to simplify the buying process by reducing the clicks required to complete a transaction.

Social commerceIn the example above, Facebook essentially reduced the quantity of time and numbers of clicks for consumers to buy this product. Companies will require to weigh the preferences and drawbacks of integration their ecommerce platforms into Facebook.

  1. Pinterest (the finding platform)Pinterest's buyable pins

Pinterest is the exciting publicizing platform to take advantage of this year. You have to read more about it on this Millward Brown study. 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan or make purchases! This is what makes Pinterest such an attractive platform for ecommerce retailers. In order to reap the benefits of Pinterest, you have to engage pins which ensure worth to your audience. Recently, Pinterest asked pinners to choose 3 words to describe what meaning needs to be on Pinterest. They talked useful (54%), beneficial (50%) and inspiring (45%).

Pinterest (the finding platform)Over the last year, Pinterest has

  • Introduced an updated iOS app
  • Added new pin types (you can buy, cinematic, rich and propagated pins)
  • Expanded their audience targeting with the addition of 400 interest categories

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest’s buyable pins. They let pinners buy directly within the platform without ever visiting website.

  1. Instagram (the inspiration platform). Instagram (the inspiration platform)

You can also take your IG ads up a notch by using cinemagraphs like the one below. Cinemagraphs are a still photo in which a minor and repeated movement occurs.

Sophisticated marketers who have to inspire consumers by finding exciting methods to leverage Instagram’s video.

4 Social Commerce Predictions for This Year

Then taking a closer look at IG, Facebook and Pinterest — a few social commerce trends begin to appear. There are four predictions.

  1. Consumer Impulse Buying Will Increase

Being able to purchase immediately from the brands you love on the social media platforms you frequent is the upcoming of social commerce. Savvy marketers know where their audiences live and the platforms they are actively engaged on.

  1. Brands Need to Be Where Their Clients Hang Out

It’s imperative for brand to hit the right message on the right social platform — which must not be Facebook. Most consumers don’t log into social networks to shop. But, if a brand shows the right ad with the right message at the right time, it could lead to a sale. But the real threat is the possibility cost of letting competitor get that sale. Stay ahead of your contest by ensuring your biz has a existence on the platforms your audiences use on a daily basis. Don’t let rivals beat you to market!

  1. The Social Commerce Landscape Changes Rapidly

It’s the agile, sophisticated marketers that will reap the goods. Remaining on top of the latest trends, shifting consumer demeanor and experimenting with new ad types is vital for social commerce success. Remember, it’s new for all of us so go out there and experiment with the latest platform!

  1. It’s Momentous to Construct a Killer Mobile Strategy

Social commerce should be at the forefront of mobile strategy. As mobile device usage increases, brands will need to take preference of native Buy Now buttons by letting clients buy directly within the platform. At the very least, make sure you have a mobile optimized website with an excellent user experience. Don’t lose potential clients due to a poor website. People desire to give you their money — so make sure it’s as easy as possible.


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