Social media in 2020. What should we expect?

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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

It`s January 2019, and all social media users are talking about changes that will come to the platforms in the next year. Of course, it`s hard to make true predictions, because only the social media developers could say what`s real and what`s fake. However, some news that we`ve got from different resources are too good to be fake, so we`ve filtered all information and collected together top changes that likely gona happen with the social media in 2020.

  1. Social media audience will grow

We don`t need to check this information on different resources to find the confirmation. More and more people create their profiles on different platforms. As you know, Instagram and Facebook are holding the leading positions in this rating, and Twitter is one the third place. According to the data from independent researches, the number of social media users across the world will increase by more than 40% year-over-year.

  1. More visual content

Virtual reality came to the video game industry, now it`s coming to the social media. Marketers create different contests and interactive shopping systems where user could test the product, he wants to buy using the VR system.

People are getting away from text content and try to visualize all information that could be important for the customer. If people pay more attention to the visual advertisements, messages and other kinds of the content in social media, it`s a very high possibility that we won`t see any text posts on our favourite platforms in 2020.

  1. Voice controlsocial media in 2020

Let`s be honest – a bigger part of all social media users works with their platforms from smartphones. It`s quicker, easier and smarter then from personal computer. However, even in this case their social media usage isn`t perfect.

According to the Simon Kemp`s podcast, voice will make searching and typing easier, and it also helps people with lower levels of literacy to start using the current platform.

What about marketers? They don`t need to write answers for the clients – they just say the phrase on the microphone, and it`s downloading to the system. They can do it everywhere without any extra touches.

  1. The machines serve their masters

Today, in 2019, people have implemented AI to all important spheres of life. People don`t need to work, because robots can do everything by themselves. You want to buy a new book, but don`t know what to choose? Don`t worry – the system will analyze your tastes and give you some recommendations from different genres. You want to start watching TV series? No problem – the same operation, and you have some good examples that could interest you. people were fixing and upgrading computers for decades, and it`s a very high possibility that in 2020 they will see the final result of their work.

  1. No more fake news in social media

In 2020, social media will go away from fake news, rumors and other kinds of information that don`t have real confirmation. Users will be able to see the latest news as soon as they come from the journalists. But before every single piece of news will be published, it will go through deep analysis, and only when it will get the positive result, you will see it in your timeline.

It`s a big problem, and it must be solved. Social media is a giant chest with little sheets of paper that are scattered on different parts of this chest. Our task is to put them to the right places, and in 2020 this task will be completed.

And what do you expect from social media in 2020? What changes will we face?


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