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Social media graphic should

  • Have a consistency level.
  • Be adjustable so that they can blend into any situation.
  1. Make a Plan

Make a PlanSome things to think about contain the following:

  • Team’s design
  • How many varied people are involved in the content promotion and production
  • How a lot of varied social networks you schedule to cover

Many photos can look tedious because the market is saturated with them. In fact, it’s easily for someone to design social media graphic applying instruments such as Canva and Pablo. Besides paid instruments, depending on budget, you should consider applying sites such as Freepik and Shutterstock, if you desire to comprise vector graphics in your post. If you want photos, there are a lot of free stock images sites. Graphic designer designs custom graphic, and social media manager applies those graphics to promote the post on chosen social networks.

  1. Determine Some Ground Rules

A lot of rules ruin the images, so designers require elasticity in order to build anything good. However, rules are momentous and it’s a good idea to install some ground rules early on.

‘Ground rules’ can contain

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Consistency


Colors are the first thing you want to reason about is CONTRAST. This means lightsome images/text on a black background and vice versa. If you want more assist, you can always advert to a Color contrast checker and control if the colors you chosen have a good contrast. As you can see, contrast is momentous if you are applying colorful stock images.


Including logo is good for improving recall. Journal of Marketing research (JMR) displays audiences choose placed high logo for powerful brands, but placed low logo for lesser known brand. The other object to reason about is the size of logo.


If you want to apply social media promotion to construct recognizability and brand awareness, then we propose you try to keep sequence in design. You can make that in some various ways by being consistent with your:

  • Colors
  • FontsB2B graphic
  • Logo
  • Applying vector graphic or stock image
  • Websites URL
  • Combination of everything above
  1. Set up Designs to Orientate Audience

There are 2 methods in which your graphic design may be influenced by audience. The first method is simply ‘who’ your audience is.

B2B marketingB2B marketing is more about displaying business customers and emphasizing authority that your brand is in an authoritative position and can assist them to search a decision to their problems. B2B graphic can be less ‘fun’, more formal and much more informative.

  1. Adjust Designs to Various Social Networks Demands

We all know that various social networks have their own various users and various demographics. Each network has various claims for the size of the picture/graphic you desire to apply.

  1. Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is first of all applied for entertainment purposes. In other words, Facebook is a social network where people go to have fun. That means that the best kind of pictures for promoting Facebook meaning is bright, humorous, light, and informal.

Over the years, Twitter has first of all become a source for news, but the same rules use as with Facebook.

Don’t forget that Twitter and Facebook are saturated with lots of various kinds of content promotion.

  1. LinkedIn

As a social network, some additional thought wants to be put into promoting meaning on LinkedIn.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest requires a various approach. As more of a creative platform, graphics to promote Pinterest meaning should keep an eye on form and be constructive themselves.


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