Unusual methods of using Twitter poll that you should try for your business

Twitter poll
Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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People enjoy the moments when social media marketers want to know their opinion about something. You ask them about what they like the most, they give you an answer, and you understand whether you need to change something in your content strategy or not. One of the most popular methods of such interaction is a Twitter poll.

Why we use Twitter poll?

This feature is so simple – you just need to answer the question with one of two possible variants. You just choose the variant that is closer to you. A Twitter poll lasts for 24 hours and all results remain public. With this feature, you are able to collect much more information about your audience then usual. And, again, – you don`t need to spend hours on creating a poll. Just set a question and two answers, and people will choose what is better for them.

In this article, we will show some unusual methods of using Twitter poll that can help you to grow up your business.

Basic content research

When you are preparing a new post for your social media blog, you usually get some information from secondary resources (statistics, examples and other kinds of information that you will probably use). However, if you want to make your post a little bit interesting, you can ask people about something from your topic. For example, if you are writing about web browsers, you can ask a question like “Do you use Google Chrome as your main web browser”. Of course, you can make a search and find global statistic, but why not to work with your own audience? People will see that their opinion is important for you, so they will continue read your posts.

Solving a problem

We all were in difficult situations when we needed to make a choice out of two variants. Let`s suppose that you are writing an article for your blog and you want to write on a new topic that was never affected before. However, you are not sure that this topic will be interesting for your audience. So, why not to ask them about it. Set up a question like “Will it be interesting for you to read about [the name of the topic]”. Before adding this Twitter poll, make sure that this topic refers to your sphere. If not, there is no need to waste time.

Plan eventsPlan events

It`s cool when marketers and developers organize an event with their fans. People are able to talk with each other, ask a problematic question or solve some difficult problems. However, there is no sense of organizing huge events if nobody will come to it. So, you must now how many people will come to your meeting, party or something that you will organize. Here, you can set a question like “Will you be interested in visiting my party on [time, date and place]?”. If you see that most of the votes will come, you can start the preparation.

Choosing prizes

Social media contests are so popular in the social media today. People enjoy such activity because they can win something they really need. If you want to build some hype before launching a contest, a well-timed Twitter poll can help you do that. Ask your fans to choose between two prizes (T-shirt or jeans). On the next day, you will know what they enjoy the most and which prize will be better for them.

You should run the contest just after the poll ends. There is no need of making a pause between these two things.

Choosing headlines for the articles

If you are running an informational blog, you know that your audience is always interested in content you post. However, you should realize that they will have a better interest in it if you will let them choose the headline for your next article. For example, if you are writing a post about best social media advertising campaigns, you can ask them to choose between two variants:

  • The most powerful social media advertising campaigns of all time.
  • Best social media advertising campaigns that will shock you!

Let them choose, and they will be happy to help you in your work.

Engage around current events and culture

Sports, movies, new stories… they`re not going to tie in well to your business. That being sad, look out for opportunities to show your personality and human side. If you are holding a small business in a city whose team just made the World Series, maybe this is a good opportunity to ask your audience some questions like “Are you watching the game?” or, if talking about series “Who is your favourite character from the Breaking Bad?”. Fans of such series will be interested to share their opinion with you.

Final thoughts

As you see, there is nothing difficult in working with Twitter poll. All you need is to set the right questions and start the poll on the right time to get the highest activity.


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