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Use right image sizes in the social media! What is the best size for every media we use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)?
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We know that every person who uses social media for connection, business or marketing download images to the news feed. Image is also a sort of user generated content, so we can perceive it, react on it and left likes or comments under such posts.

However, today people don`t even think about how their images looks like. They know that it looks good and probably will gain a lot of likes. For example, person took his/her photo, downloaded it on Instagram, added two or three hashtags and waited for a few minutes. The likes came as a hurricane, because people know that this user always has cool photos and we couldn`t ignore them.

We want to tell you that it`s important to pick the right image size for each social media you use. Why? For example, someone has just subscribed you on Instagram? What he/she wants to see? Good photos. But if you will cut them down or download vertical photos, people won`t follow you. Here we will show you the right image sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebookfasebook post image size

Of course, the Facebook image size will depend on what exactly you want to post – colorful photo of yourself or an infographic of your business. Nevertheless, the most optimal sizes are:

  • 1200×628 (for links)
  • 504×283 (for videos)
  • 1200×1200 (for visuals)

twitter post image sizeTwitter

Twitter users could use images more often because they have only 140 symbols to write, and in most cases it`s too little. So, to solve this problem they add photos and images to complete their tweets. The minimum size of twitter image will be 500×500, and the optimal size is 1500×1500.

Instagraminstagram post image size

Instagram is the king of all social media in the question of photos and images. Photographers, bloggers, celebrities, sportsmen and other people post their protos to get millions of likes as fast as possible.

However, we are talking about good-quality content, so an optimal Instagram image size will be 1080×1080. One small recommendation – keep your image square.


We know that today people won`t pay attention to these details. However, such details could easily make the difference for every user and improve the quality of their content. We hope that our short story was interesting for you. Good luck!