How to use social media for your small business? Basic principles.

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We all know how good it is to have a small business. You are free from routine paperwork and long boring discussions with the manager. You control every process of your work and are able to change everything (if needed).

However, to get your small business on a higher level, you should promote it by all possible ways. The most profitable method is to use social media to grow your small business. With time, people realized that it is better than any other kind of promotion. You don`t need to pay for advertisements on the billboards or print out business cards.

It this article we will show you the most common examples of using social media for your small business. After reading this material you realize that social media can upgrade every project in every sphere.

Attract clients. Interest them

In most cases, attraction is the key to the success. However, even this part of the plan must be completed in all aspects.

small business infographic

First of all, make your own advertising campaign. Tell people something about your business: what it`s made for, how and when customers could use it, where is the benefit etc. Create advertisement, which you`ve liked to see as a client. Here are some key parts of it:

  • It`s the most important part because it shows how your business looks like. Your logo should be unforgettable for people, so they will return to your website again and again.
  • Short and simple tagline. You don`t need to come up with something extraordinary. For example, if your small business is food delivery, the tagline should be like “You are getting hungry. Let us feed you”. Ok, this is a primitive example, but we hope you understand how to do it.

Create a group in the social media

If you use social media for your small business, you should create a group dedicated to your project. With it, your working process will be much easier because now your project is separated from your private social media account. If you want to add or change something, you should go to the group. Need an announcement about sale? Post it to the group, and all clients will see it.

small business social network

Hire a team of developers to help you

Even if you have a small business in the social media, it`s hard to do everything by yourself. For example, if you have a group in Facebook, you should have:

  • Content manager
  • Administrator
  • Writer who will create new advertising texts

social media for your business

You will have more free time to think about innovations or future upgrades. Don`t worry about income and fact that you need to pay salary to your workers. Teamwork is always better than individual one. You work more, you earn more. Simple algorithm.

Make relations with other businesspersons in the social media

One of the tasks of social media is to build relations between people, so why not to use it? You could cooperate and create advertising campaigns to each other. If you are a beginner, you can ask for some advice. It`s normal for people to help each other, so don`t miss your chance.

However, choose the right partners. If you see that this person or group is working in the same sphere, it could be risky. Don`t work with your potential competitors because they know how to steal clients from the rookies. If you do this, you take risks to lose all your income, so be careful.

Work on your posts

If you have already decided to use social media for your small business, you should use all potential of each platform. Here we will stop on three basic points of creating a perfect post:

  • Thing that gain 90% of people`s attention while they are scrolling down the news feed. Your images must be as good as possible to attract clients. Show them that your services are better that anyone`s else.
  • When person looks on the publication, he/she will probably read a text under the photo. You need to hit the right nail on the head. The perfect text will be less than four short sentences. You need to tell user about you, your job and say something like “come to me, I`m the best” in the end. Here it`s simple, but when you will be creating your posts, you should think well before adding it to the page.
  • Final part of our triangle. People use hashtags to find information in the social media. If you want to be found by a happy client, you need to create your own hashtags. People will follow these hashtags and indicate your posts in the news feed. Simple? Yes! Let’s move forward.

Build reputation. It will help you in the future projects

Believe, if you are in the market with your small business for many years, people will respect you. Why? Because you have good statistic, positive reviews and army of fans and regular clients. Finally, your page in the social media is on the top of the board.

When other companies will contact you to start cooperation, it`s a good signal. As we told before, social media was made to build relations, so use this opportunity. You already have a brand, and now someone wants to work with you and pay money for that. Two or three years ago you have started from the bottom, and now you are the boss. That`s cool!

Keep an eye on the competitors

Everyone knows that business is the real battlefield. People are always fighting for the bigger income, their clients and traffic (of course, it`s social media). You should be ready for this.

When you start working with the social media, you will face difficulties. It`s normal, because every sphere of business has at least two developers who are competing between each other.

Analyze accounts of your rivals. If they are working for a long time, you can take something from their pages like an example. You are not cheating, it`s ok. However, be ready to fight for every single client that could come.

In the end…

To finish our article, we just want to say that there is no super formula of success while using social media for your small business. These points are just recommendations for you. Of course, you can combine them, add something new or use your own methods if they are more profitable.

We hope that you found it interesting to read such article and you will use it during your work. Good luck!


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