How to use Twitter to grow up your small business? Best examples and recommendations.

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promote their businessIf we will look on the most popular social media right now, we will see that developers and businesspersons are using them to promote their business. And it`s very smart because they could do it for free to get quick result.

We saw many good examples of such promotions on Instagram, where people show their goods in stories, make videos in IGTV and post images to attract customers. However, right now we are talking about other famous social media called Twitter. Someone could say that it`s less profitable than Instagram or Facebook but in fact you can use every social media for business promotion.

Beginners often came to the social media and want to have an army of clients who will buy their product. However, you couldn`t achieve success from the first day. To make people come to you the main thing you should do is to improve your social media page, generate good content and be active. Always. Here we will show you basic principles that will help you to grow up your small business in Twitter.

Keep an eye on the competitors.

If we are talking about any form of business, we must admit that every person who will start working in any sphere will have rivals and face difficulties. In our time every sphere of life that could give people regular services was studied by someone, so you`ll always have contestants near you.

small business in Twitter

However, everything isn`t so bad. If they are working with Twitter for a long time, you can use their experience as your main advantage. Here we have some examples of how you can do it:

  • Monitor their audience. This person can work with your potential clients, so you should pay attention to it. Look who is the most active subscriber (likes, retweets) and who is always passive only scrolling down the tweets. It may help you to understand what people are interested in and what they don`t like. With this information you will have an ability to upgrade your profile.
  • Look what content they use. Of course, it depends on the kind of business, but we know that there couldn`t be long articles or descriptions. Very often people put images, videos or link with a short description to share their business page or show people what they can do with it.

Create a valuable Twitter page

Create a valuable Twitter page

Maybe you think that this is a very simple point and everyone knows it, but we must say about it because it helps you in growing your business. You must show your customers that you have very serious approach to your business. Add images that will show how your business looks like (if it`s food delivery, you can add small photo with your logo and a bigger one with some of your food) and write a small description to attract customers. Also add your slogan, and clients will definitely remember your brand for a long time. Believe us, it works.

Don`t forget about hashtags

social media promotion

If we are talking about any form of advertising in Twitter, we must mention hashtags, because they are our main weapon in social media promotion. However, beginners could face some problems while working with hashtags. Why? Because you have only 140 symbols, so you should put the right tag in your post. Remember that people enjoy searching by hashtags, so you can use different combinations, add dates (years, months) and use abbreviations.

You can also analyze Twitter and look what hashtags people could use to search your current type of business. However, such analyzes should be regular, because trends are changing very fast and sometimes developers couldn`t watch for them.

 Monitor Twitter keyword mentions

Another good way to search in Twitter is to use keywords. With them you can find something specific, and it could be exactly what you need.

However, such mentions in every area could change with the time. They are like trends but have the strong task of finding and sharing information for users, especially in business.

You must have your pinned tweet

There is an option in Tweeter that allows you to put one of your tweets on the headline of the page. How you can use it? When users open your profile, the first thing they see will be this tweet, and they won`t look on the last tweet from the list.

What could be written it this tweet? Some extra information about your business, your services or goods or about your self as a businessperson. Remember that this short text draws people`s attention, so you should use it right.

Write non-standard headlines. Be creative.

This trick could help you to grow up your small business in every active social media, especially in Tweeter. You know how people look on fresh posts in the news feed – they just scroll them all and pay attention to the most interesting. Your task here is to attract potential subscriber and make him open your post. Your headline shouldn`t be more than 20 words long and show the main topic of your post. Journalists are working very hard to get a good headline to their article. Maybe you should do the same if you want to achieve success.

Start using UPM tracking

Have you ever heard about such tool? It`s main task is to help people to track social media user`s actions. You know where people clicked and what they do after clicking on anything. With this information, you will be able to change something in your content strategy or to use other keywords.


We know that Tweeter couldn`t give us features that we can use on Instagram or Facebook. However, it has its own unusual things that could help us to grow up our small business. the only thing you should remember while using all these methods is that you should combine them. If you will use them one by, one, you won`t grow while your competitors will be getting more powerful.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and will use our recommendations while working.


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