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How to work with Instagram quotes? Simple recommendations for you

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“Everyone wants to be the best in his business.” This phrase could easily describe everything that is happening with business in the social media. All marketers, developers, creators and bloggers are fighting for the clients, subscribers, bigger income, engagement and other stuff. People try different marketing strategies with non-standard moves to draw people`s attention, and one of these non-standard moves is using Instagram quotes.  Beginners often forget about them and use primitive methods for their brands. However, this part shouldn`t be ignored, and today we will give you some simple recommendations about using Instagram quotes for business.

Share your team slogansInstagram quotes

It`s normal that quotes are dedicated to specific actions, events, memorable dates or even famous people. These quotes remind us about importance of the thing that is mentioned in this specific quote.

If we are talking about marketing, quotes could be used to describe your brand and everything what is dedicated to it. For example, if you are only beginning your journey on Instagram, it will be good to post some quotes about your brand. They will show people who you are and why they should start working with you. however, don`t say anything that isn`t true about the brand: people hate lie.

Use Instagram quotes for engagement

Sometimes it`s good when a brand or a company starts to engage with their audience in social media, especially on Instagram. How can we do it with quotes? Easy! Take someone`s quote (choose carefully, it should be dedicated to your sphere) and share it in your timeline. Let people share their own thoughts about this current quote. Or, if you want to go other way, you can share this quote in Instagram stories and ask people to share their own thoughts with simple stories. Then, repost their stories to your profile. It will be a good example of engagement between brand and audience.

Use Instagram quotes to promote your goods

People could forget about it, but Instagram quotes are not only about thoughts or facts. You can write a quote on your own, and it will be a quote about your brand. Your task on Instagram is to show your products from the better angle to make users buy it, and if you will add some phrases to your images, it won`t make it worse. It could be some facts about this product or, if you sell food, interesting information about this food. Just make people like the photo and visit your profile. They will see what else do you have and it`s a very high possibility that you will have a few sold goods that day.

Promote giveaways or new projects

As a professional marketer, you must remember that people on Instagram pay attention to the pictures with non-standard details. And, if you want to start a giveaway, you must pick up a really good image that will draw users’ attention. People often add word “giveaway” on the photo, but you can go further and write a phrase like “I`ve got something special for you!” or something else that will intrigue typical Instagram user.

Creating good Instagram Quote templatesInstagram

If you decided to work with Instagram quotes, you need to be prepared for that. People use special tools where you can create your own templates or use prepared copies. Here are two good tools that we can recommend you:

  1. Canva

This tool provides good service for all users. you are able to create detailed templates in a few minutes! The program is easy-in-use, so you don`t need to spend hours to learn all basic moves.

  1. Adobe spark

If you have already tested Canva and now look for something else, Adobe spark will be a good variant for you. if you want to start working, you need to visit their website, log in or create an account. After logging in, you will be able to search for all available templates. If you want to create your own design, you can upload your own pictures, add phrases, colors or backgrounds.

Unfortunately, you can remove the Adobe Spark logo for the first time only. After that, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.


As you see, Instagram quotes could really help you with advertising, engaging, selling and promoting. You can create your own templates, add quotes to your own photos and make everything you need to become better than your competitors are. Just use these recommendations and everything will be fine.

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