The most workable Facebook marketing tips that will leave competitors in the dust

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

People say that social media platform like Facebook isn`t good enough for business. Well, we don`t agree with this statement. Right now, we have more than 2 million of active business pages on Facebook. For the first time, it was unusual for people to work with this platform. However, with the time they realized what can they get from it and how massive their income can be.

Today there are thousands of strategies end methods of work that developers use on Facebook. But all these methods are like one huge template, and no one pay attention to the details. So, today we will tell you about the most powerful Facebook marketing tips that will make you the most demanded marketer in your sphere.

  1. Pick up a perfect profile picture

The first marketing tip will be about the thing that everyone will see while entering your profile – a profile picture. Someone can say that it isn`t a serious point for developers, but it`s not true. You must show yourself to other users or, if it`s a page of your brand, show it to your customers so they will understand who are they working with.

Keep in mind that your picture should have the highest quality (Facebook recommends this to all users).

  1. Add your cover photo

Not unlike your profile picture, your cover photo represents another crucial piece of imagery to get the “wow” effect.

First of all, your cover photo should be in the high quality. Second of all, you should add your brand`s slogan or a call-to-action phrase. Such marketing tip will interest people, so they will stay on the page.

You don`t need to be a graphic designer to get the perfect cover photo. With simple digital marketing tools like Landscape you will be able to get a sleek brand cover photo for your profile. We recommend you to practice before posting an image to your Facebook profile.

  1. Optimize your posting scheduleOptimize your posting schedule

If you really want to grow your business in the social media, you should understand when exactly you need to post your content. The thing is that all users (and your subscribers too) can`t stay online 24/7. They have their own lives, work, family and other thing that are more important than scrolling the news feed on Facebook. So, to have a maximum impact from the content you post, you should pick up the time when your clients will be online on Facebook. You post something, they see this post and react on it. Why? Because it appears on the top of their news feed. If you won`t use posting schedule, you have all chances to have small engagement and lose your regular clients.

  1. Don`t ignore your analytics

Don`t ignore your analyticsPeople often forget about this Facebook marketing tip, and this is their biggest mistake.

Analytics clue you on which type of content has the biggest number of clicks and impressions. With this statistic, you will be able to optimize your content strategy and, if needed, choose new optimal content mix to drive more engagement.

  1. Experiment with new advertising formatsExperiment with new advertising formats

Marketers are taking all advantages of Facebook`s highly-targeted ad platform like never before and see the huge returns as a result. If you are ready to spend your time experimenting with different ad formants, you must be ready to get massive engagement and sales.

Facebook carousel ads, Facebook video ads and other types of advertisements that will impress your clients. Try to post them one-by-one. If some of the types looks unsuitable for your brand, try another one.

Final thoughts

There are no secrets of achieving success in marketing with Facebook. You just need to understand how to work with the thing you already have. People often ignore such simple marketing tips and, as a result, they spend their time and money on an empty promotion. With these five Facebook marketing tips, you will grow your business to the top.


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