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social media proposal
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 4 minutes

How to write a good social media proposal. Complete guide

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Every social media marketer is dreaming about good proposal for his business. why? First of all, social media proposal will help you to find new clients. Second of all, with it`s help you will be able to keep your clients on your website or blog.

With social media proposal, you are able to show clients all aspects of your business and make them sure that you are a good manager. When people will see your proposal, they will stay with you for a long time. However, it`s impossible to write a good social media proposal without any experience or knowledge. So, to solve this problem, we will show you how to create valuable social media proposal and how to make it better that others.

We will give you a step-by-step guide, so you will quickly understand what to do.

  1. Determine business and social media goals

social media goalsAsk yourself some key questions. What are the goals of my clients` business? What are they working toward, and how can they use social media to achieve their goals? With answers to these questions, you will be able to set the right goals.

  1. Learn about your clients` audience

Don`t make assumptions about the clients` audience on your proposal. Collect as much data as possible, and then use it to improve your strategy. You can start from things like social media demographics or social media engagement. Have a look at the statistics, find out what can you bring from it.

If you already have a relationship with client, ask him to share data that he has about his audience. And, if you have access to their social media accounts, use analytics to take core information about it.

  1. Get to know the competition

Who are your clients` key competitors? You should mark at least five core competitors and put them in your list to understand who you will benchmark against.

With it, you will have a clear picture of your audience. After that, look at the brands they are following.

When you identify competitors, use social media listening tools to monitor their activity. Don`t forget to create a matrix to map out how competitor social media efforts are positioned in relation to each other. Look carefully – if you will find a gap, you know that you can fill it with your social media strategy.

  1. Conduct a social media audit

Perform an investigation to find out which social media channels your clients are currently using. Which platforms are the most popular and why? How have their previous social media initiatives measured up?

  1. Develop a content strategyDevelop a content strategy

If you have successfully completed steps 1-4, you can create your content strategy. This is the point where you should work out what type of content will be created or curated, how your content may vary depending on the platform you are working with and how it should be posted. You should pay attention to design, style and tone of the voice.

You should use your clients as a source of information as much as possible – get everything you need, because it will depend on how successful your social media proposal will be.

Tips for writing a social media proposal

If you know how to write a social media proposal, it`s good, but you can`t do it like a robot with one algorithm. So, we will show you some tips to make your proposal non-standard.

Address the clients` needs and objectives

Here you have an opportunity to show clients that you understand their business` needs and goals. Keep it simple and be as specific as possible so that you leave a little room for discrepancy and ambiguity.

Present social media goals and objectives

Here you should have from three to five social media goals and objectives. Watch objective should specify the platforms, metrics and an end date.

Outline your tacticsSocial media

This is the core point in writing a social media proposal. You will launch your social media strategy using all information from your researches and social media audits.

Remember: you should keep things simple. For the beginning, provide a scope of work. Here you must have:

  • Social media promotions and campaigns
  • Social media engagement
  • Social selling
  • Lead generation
  • Content creation
  • Social media monitoring

Provide a schedule and a budget

Use template to create a specific timetable and set a budget. Provide enough data for your clients to get a comprehensive understanding, but don`t add too many details. Remember that you can always elaborate in the appendix.

Final thoughts

As you see, the process of writing a social media proposal isn`t so hard as people thought. You just need to prepare yourself to the working process and follow the instructions we give here. With them, your proposal will be on the highest level.

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