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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

How much time do you spend in Facebook? Do you enjoy your page`s activity?

Today a bigger part people who have personal accounts in Facebook don`t even know how this social media works. They just scroll down the news feed, like their friend`s photos, read interesting articles or watch cool videos. However, there is another group of users who is worried about their profiles. They want to have a huge audience and huge overall activity. But they`ve already tried everything they knew to increase these points.

You probably heard about Facebook practices. If you don`t know what it is, we will explain. Facebook practices are a strong number of activities, which are used by people to optimize their profiles. In this article we will show you best Facebook practices and explain their importance.

  1. Take full advantage of Facebook videosFacebook analysis

Five or six years ago videos weren`t the most popular sort of content on Facebook. However, today we can see that 70% of user generated content includes video materials. Why this happens? Our rhythm of life don`t give us an ability to read huge texts or open links to other sites with such information. Facebook videos are running automatically just at the moment you see them in your news feed. You don`t need to turn on the “Full screen” mode, just turn on the sound and start watching.

Make people`s life easier with Facebook video

There is no need of downloading some extra programs for adding video to your page. Facebook gives us an opportunity to use simple tools like Facebook Live to work with video content faster.

  1. Analyze your posts. Make them look specificFacebook practice

People who are writing long posts and then add hashtags take risks to have a minimal visibility on such sort of content. Why so? Again – people are not interested in reading big texts even if it is a very important topic for them. Of course, if they are sitting at home in front of the computer, they`ll probably pay attention to such post. However, you shouldn`t rely on this every day.

Such Facebook practice is not very hard to understand, so you need to focus on it.

First, make texts as short as possible. You should have a short first part, an informative second part and short ending. Always read what you`ve written before posting to avoid mistakes and problems with engagement.

Second, attract people. They won`t read your texts only because you are popular and your posts may be interesting. Add an intriguing question at the beginning of the post, use some non-standard phrases to draw people`s attention.

Third, use right hashtags. If you know exactly what is your post about, you should add tags dedicated to the topic (if you are writing about science, your hashtags should match the specific topic, not the whole science).

  1. Orientate on your target audienceFacebook analysis

With Facebook analysis, you are able to find all information about your audience and separate the target audience. If you know how many people are interested in your content, you will understand how often you should post (complete your posting schedule).

Analyzing your Facebook users demographics, you are able to break it down on the categories (age, location, gender, Facebook engagement etc.).

If you know, what people are following you, you are able to choose the most enjoyable type of content for them. If they don`t like texts or images with short descriptions, you can try video or infographic. Mix your content to avoid spam. People hate spam.


As you see, Facebook practices are not big and scary. You just need to understand them, make sure that everything is clear and only then start using them on your Facebook profile (private or business).


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