6 people

manage workflow smoothly

10+ clients

provided with a White Label tool

5 hours a day

saved on content approval and collaboration

Actually, if PromoRepublic didn't exist there'd be a whole two extra levels of approval and content creation and scheduling. That's just silly, like now that we know what we could have with it. I would say: “You can’t give me 500 more hours today, so give me PromoRepublic!”


The agency is an internal department of Arena Sports which runs Lil’ Kickers Child Development Soccer Program and Dash Platform Software. Arena Marketing provides them with the whole cluster of marketing services and serves other similar businesses which are smaller. As for social media marketing, the agency started doing it with Hootsuite, but it was too “expensive and convoluted.”

“When I first heard about PromoRepublic I thought it was awesome, we could finally move away from Hootsuite and have a really nice clean simple process.”

Monica has tried various tools for managing workflow in the agency — Hootsuite, Brightpod — until she realized it just wasn’t for her and the team of four inhouse employees and two freelancers.

Calendar with notes and approvals

The single place for creative work and collaboration

Arena Sports Marketing uses PromoRepublic for both communications with their in-house and client teams. Monica creates a Content Calendar in PromoRepublic interface and uses the Notes section to tell her content person what she wants to post. Whether about a soccer program or a league competition or just a funny image. She leaves such notes over a month and assigns her team members to complete them. In this way, employees get a sense they are moving in the right direction while doing their creative work. They can always discuss content creation processes in real-time and monitor the progress. Once everything’s ready, Monica works with the client to approve it.

Some clients like to be really hands-on, other clients just rather have things done. We're able to do either/or, so it's really nice to be able to use the tool as a hybrid between clients and also between our actual employees.

The source of inspiration and ideas

Content creators have to think outside of the box for their content and the library is a great place to start. They browse through the library of Post Ideas to find some spark for their daily routine.

Also, the team uses the “My Ideas” feature. It allows you to add posts drafts and selected templates for each workspace and client. The content team can create test posts and see what’s missing — logos, specific color blocks. And the next time they can just open the folder and start with these pieces of content.

My templates
White Label

White Label to sell the whole brand idea

Monica appreciates the opportunity to shape the platform for clients. White Label allows “selling the whole idea” of the brand. Everything the agency offers is in one place, so people don't feel like they need to switch between different apps. It creates loyalty. These people know the platform is theirs. So being able to have that trust with clients, that they're using something that is directly connected to the agency, it's really just invaluable.

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