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Jason and Nicole worked side by side In Information Technology (IT) before coming together to create Hometown Design Studio. They began with a few clients providing them with web design and development. As their business took off, they added social media management to the menu. But still they were faced with slow-turnaround processes with client approvals and edits. Nicole and Jason soon realized that their old ways of doing business were no longer effective and efficient. And, that improving collaboration was their biggest hurdle.

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On-brand content creation made easier

As social media managers, keeping your clients’ branding cohesive throughout every platform is key. With the PromoRepublic platform, once you onboard a new client, you can upload all branding assets in one place providing quick access to files for every team member. It makes it easy for content management and eliminates the need for searching through multiple folders to find the right logo or design element. Since logo development is a part of the Hometown Design Studio service, they may have 6 versions of a logo but when they get to social media, they only want one or two of those versions to be used.

Shared space where all the magic happens

The Hometown Design Studio improved their collaboration ten-fold with the My Ideas functionality. The copywriting team and designers now have a platform where they can work on the same piece of content, get it proofread and approved by Nicole and immediately schedule the post in the calendar. Another best practice the team shared is using My Ideas for storing evergreen posts or repurposed content.

"The beauty of My Ideas library is that it's very flexible and multifunctional. You can use it however you see fit. So, for example, if a retail client promotes a gift card and we create a post about it, we keep a copy in My Ideas so that we can just grab that one and use it later. It's sort of that desktop or that whiteboard space where it's flexible because it's fairly simple."

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Data driven social media management

Nicole and Jason believe that the things you measure influence the decisions you make. So providing relevant, up to date reports for their client is something they benefit from:

"The analytics are fantastic. We use them to review the previous month and see what type of posts and what scheduling times worked best. Then we can use that information to plan the next month's content. It also helps to pinpoint which channels are doing well and which may either not be the right fit or need some work. It's much easier for clients to understand our goals, see the progress and the next steps that have to be made."

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