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“Spreadsheets were eating our patience for breakfast.”

Marilyn Heywood Paige, Vice President of Marketing, noticed that the collaboration process was wearing the team down. It was difficult, complicated, and clunky to work from end to end, passing spreadsheets between its members, then sending them to clients for approval, and receiving everything back to hammer out the details. As the back-and-forth pattern repeated, the team spent 5 hours per week on coordination alone. This reality became even starker with a few more clients. The process resulted in more frustration than one could expect from a small team of seven.

Marilyn Paige

From Back-and-Forth to Streamlined Collaboration Process

“The back-and-forth process, when you’re talking about a dozen different clients, will drive you insane.”

For a single client, PromoRepublic has saved Inciting Marketing Solutions at least two hours a week, which were previously spent on alternating processes. Thanks to the little approval button in the post settings of PromoRepublic's calendar, the content writing, and artwork processes are streamlined, as the team can collaborate with the client in real-time. The system sends notifications to the team once the post is approved to be published. In turn, the comment section allows both sides to maintain transparent communication.

Knowing where the team stands minimizes the frustration that seemed inevitable. For Inciting Marketing Solutions, PromoRepublic has become a single place, where everyone can look at the content, the design, and the schedule of posts. It is a one-stop shop for every agency or a small business owner.

An Idea Bank for Social Media

“When you’re doing social media day in and day out, you really need to have ideas.”

Since the client portfolio of Inciting Marketing Solutions is versatile and they serve different businesses without following a particular vertical, it's difficult to keep the pace in social media with new ideas and original graphics. The content created for an orthodontist client is a far cry from what should appear on a luxury weddings page and so on. The team needs an idea bank to get its clients visible regardless of the niche. Marilyn Heywood Paige finds PromoRepublic's library of premade content inspiring and helpful in learning new trends in graphics design and combining with ideas of their own.

Another thing is that the agency can now create branded content that is consistent and keeps the brand’s look the same without getting it stale. The calendar makes it very easy to look at the content altogether and identify the degree of branding. As a plus, there’s no need to use Photoshop or any other visual content creation tool, because the platform provides designers with the opportunity to tune in what’s necessary at one place.


“Marketing management may seem like a relentless end-to-end routine — clunky, complicated, and circular. Tools like PromoRepublic change this status quo and simplify collaboration between you, your team, and your client.”

Marilyn Heywood Paige

Vice President of Marketing at Inciting Marketing Solutions

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