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Kirsten has been working in marketing for 25 years. She started in public relations, shifted to licensing and brand management, and then to advertising. But she always wanted to go out on her own. It finally happened 6 years ago. It was a little bit scary, and obviously moved slowly but she knew it was exactly what she needed. So Kirsten started with one client and then had two for a couple of years. She focused on small businesses as she believed they know why they need marketing, and wanted to help them grow. A web developer and a graphic designer joined her as freelancers. It was all going smoothly and slowly until Kirsten realized creating content, getting approvals, and reporting on performance had become a real challenge to her in terms of planning. Lack of time prevented the business from scaling and growth.

Kristen Schultz

The Way to Faster Content Creation

An advanced user, «app junkie», as she dubbs herself, Kirsten knows things and can always say what works best for her because she has what to compare. So she really felt the impact of content creation features.

“The other thing is that with the editor it’s super easy for me to mix up the content. Because I don’t like to post the same thing for all of my clients even though I know I could. So it’s really quick and easy to change up a background image, add their logo, so it looks like an entirely new graphics and that has saved a lot of time on creating graphics.”

Trust Built on Reporting

“I haven’t been good at sharing the analytics because I have too much on my plate. So the fact that I could download a report quickly and easily and send it to my clients has helped me secure the trust we had”

They saw engagement growing and felt their social media marketing was in the right hands. Also, the reporting tool made planning easier for Kirsten. She could see what posts performed better and quickly adjust the content strategy.


“No project is too big or too small”

PromoRepublic helped Kirsten eliminate her fears. Like, «if I get more clients it will be too hard to manage them». Also, it pushed her to expand her business. «I didn’t operate social media for any of my clients before. Now I’m doing it comfortably. I added this to my service offerings.”

I’m going to explore the Full Service options that are available. The Content Bundle that’s kind of my next step, I want to be able to outsource, to upload some stuff without having the expends of actually hiring somebody».

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