What is Social Commerce and Why Small Business Should Care About It

Do you remember when traditional markets accelerated due to the advent of E-commerce? The idea of a brand listing products on a website and customers ordering and receiving them at their homes took the whole world by storm. Wait! There is another thing blowing up the market, and it's called “social commerce.” Social channels have a great impact on modern consumers nowadays . They can’t live without their gadgets and the Internet. They know everything, from technical facts, to where it is better to acquire a certain widget.

According to research, on average, people spend 2 hours and 15 minutes per day on social media, and 28% of internet users use social media to research and find products to purchase. That's why social commerce has a particularly strong value for online shopping and business.

What is Social Commerce?


Using social media as a channel to offer users products to purchase directly from their news feed is the best possible Social Commerce definition. Social e-commerce mixes the functionality and ease of e-commerce with the popularity and huge audience of social networking sites.

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Today, enthusiastic shoppers look at different social platforms to buy online products they need and want. Social media websites actively use this trend by adding new direct response advertising buttons like “buy it now” to motivate users to take action, create special advertisements, provide different payment solutions and many more. By using social commerce, a business can potentially improve their revenue and appeal to a much wider audience. As for customers, by investing in a brand through the social media, they often benefit from discounts and exclusive products and information.

Basic Social Commerce Examples

Facebook and Instagram are the most vivid and easy-to-use social commerce examples, has improved the mobile shopping experience, and users can buy the goods directly through the platform instead of being redirected to the retailer’s website (F-commerce). Nowadays, when a client buys the product, he/she either types the credit card information on Facebook or chooses to store the information for faster purchases.

Why You Should Care About Social Commerce

There are several reasons you should care about it:

Social e-commerce allows brands to reach a highly engaged audience and simplifies the path to purchase for customers at checkout.

How to Start Getting Customers from Social


Social e-commerce is a booming market with a whole slew of options. Today, it has become the growing trend since every user is on social networks almost all hours of the day. If you are a retailer and strive to sell your goods, social commerce is the perfect option for you.

Choose what describes your business best:
What do I choose?

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