Live Educational Centre for Clients

North South Physical Therapy centre from Massachusetts feels like a home away from home. Their social media goal was to create a live educational centre for their clients - “We always struggled to become something bigger, to get beyond promotion. Here at North South we wanted to educate our followers - became an educational and inspirational place for our clients. So we went social!”

Just one month in, and they have 3X Facebook following and 2X post engagement with eye-catching educational content.


Followers increase
on Facebook


Post Engagement increase
(Likes & Comments)

4 hours

Time spent on organizing
Content Calendar

How They Did It

“Sharing our knowledge with professional-looking visuals
and reliable benefits and tips”

Their mission was to create an online community feel with their customers, much like they have in their physical centre. Setting up a Facebook Page was the first step where their fans could comment and share posts, see upcoming events and get involved in their care centre activities.

Once the Page was up, they relied on content, posting, and promotion: “Our customers come to us for help and guidance. We want to be able to share our knowledge with professional visuals and reliable benefits and tips”

Team photo

Their Tactics

Relying on content, posting,
and promotion

Every day posting “We posted every day to keep us in their minds when it came to
their physical therapy” needs”

Educational content As it is a live educational centre, the posts were relevant to
medicine and healing: tips, recommendations, professional
pieces of advice, facts, etc.

Facebook Ads Their goal was to promote the centre through educational posts,
and they boosted 5 of their best medical posts ($20 each) a
month to their followers and friends of the followers: “We are a
local healing care, so it was easy for us to target our audience
with location”.

Facebook screen
Facebook screen

Their Solution

“We like PromoRepublic for the educational
medical posts. Our followers adore them, too”

When social media is not your primary goal, you can’t allow yourself
to spend hours searching for ideas and creating visually stunning
posts. “We always were short of time to create social from scratch.”

Relevance is key in every business. This tool became their
first-choice because of the immense library filled with diversified
medical and general posts which they could customize
and schedule weeks ahead of time.

A Walking Success

• Number of Posts: 20 a month

• Post Engagement Increase - 1,358 per post

• Followers Increase - approx 1000+

• Time Spent on Post Creation - 2-4 hours to gather, create and organize on PromoRepublic’s calendar.

Facebook screen

“We always were short of time to create social from scratch. We like PromoRepublic for the educational medical posts. Our followers adore them, too”

Phil Garofalo

President, North South Physical Therapy, Inc.

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