Managing Your Brand at Scale: How to Make Distributors Authentic Yet Compliant on Social Media

Distributors are at the forefront of brand authenticity. During this pandemic, more of them have gone digital, so this is where the brand needs to keep an eye on compliance traps. Join our webinar to discover a practical framework for expanding your brand’s voice while maintaining compliance on social media.

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Topics Covered


Why your distributors' authenticity matters and how to maintain it at scale


How to use our practical framework to amplify your brand’s voice while staying compliant


How to implement new approaches and measure success

Meet the Speakers

Raakkel Sims

Raakkel Sims

VP of Customer Success and Strategic Partnerships @ PromoRepublic. A customer success and business development leader with a proven track record in growth and a passion for customer experience and innovation across SaaS and enterprise organizations in Helsinki, London, New York, and Washington, DC.

John E. Villafranco

John E. Villafranco

Partner @ KelleyDrye

As a member of the firm’s Executive Committee, John provides litigation and counseling services, focusing on marketing and consumer protection. Among John’s clients are major retailers and direct selling companies, manufacturers of dietary supplements, home appliances, and other consumer products.

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