Creating Data-Driven Franchise Marketing Strategies for 2024

Now is the perfect time to polish your Marketing Plan for 2024. Here’s your recipe for a prosperous year ahead: Start by analyzing data, results, and business goals. Then, mix in the freshest insights on franchise marketing and technology trends. Finally, add a dash of festive spirit to sweeten the mix, creating a marketing strategy that is both joyful and sound. 

What makes this marketing recipe even better is the opportunity to share the dish with your peers. Join the roundtable to learn from them, share your ideas, and get inspiration and support!

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Meet Our Speakers

Raakkel Sims
Head of Customer Success & Partnerships
The most intelligent local marketing platform for multi-location brands and marketing agencies
Kasey Skala
Director of Strategic Marketing
City Wide Facility Solutions
City Wide simplifies the process for building owners and property managers, easing the time, stress, and resources typically required to oversee an entire facility.
Monica Shumate
Marketing Manager
Lil’ Kickers
A trailblazing child development franchise specializing in soccer training for kids, boasting over 100 locations nationwide

Our agenda:

  • 2023 Review: Insights from last year's franchise marketing
  • 2024 Trends: Key emerging trends in AI, data, and customer experience
  • Data-Driven Tactics: Practical steps for franchise owners and operators
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