Facebook remarketing: everything that you need to know

Facebook remarketing
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Today, Facebook remarketing become necessary for developers who want to win a lot of traffic on their profiles.

For beginners, Facebook advertisements allow marketers to get hyper-specific in terms of their audiences and people that they`re targeting. Remember the fact that the average person is spending nearly an hour per day visiting Facebook, increasing the likelihood of eyeballs on your ads versus the blind hope of that your previous visitors will return on a whim.Facebook remarketing

In this article, we will make a quick excursion to the most important points of Facebook remarketing, including:

  • What Facebook remarketing is
  • How custom audiences work
  • Advantages and disadvantages of generating Facebook custom audience
  • Why Facebook remarketing excels above the majority of social ads

After reading this article, you will be able to understand how to work with Facebook remarketing and why it`s an important for you as for Facebook marketer.

What is Facebook remarketing?

We understand that a part of our readers is only beginning their social media marketing career and they probably don`t understand some terms. So, we will start our article with a definition.

Facebook remarketing is an act of running advertisements targeted toward past visitors to your site. we will give an example for you to have a better understanding of the situation. Let`s suppose that you are running an ecommerce store. You are getting traffic to the checkout pages, but your bounce rate on those pages is pretty high. You realize that people are on the edge of converting, but you are going to lose them.

With the help of Facebook`s tracking pixel, you are able to identify visitors who run a targeted ad based on their behavior. For example, you could offer a Facebook-exclusive coupon code or some kind of freebie to incentivize them to complete their purchase.

It`s profitable to run a remarketing campaign, because of these three points:

  • Your ads are front and center in your lead`s Facebook feed: in simple words, they occupy prime real estate.
  • With Facebook remarketing, you won`t have problems with ad blockers.
  • Marketers have so much information at their fingertips through Facebook ads that they can target exactly who they want.

Custom Audience

The benefit of social media ads (Facebook) is that you are able to break down your ad-targeting based on extremely specific behaviors and the backgrounds of your leads.

First of all, to start your working process, you should create your custom audience, based on people you`re targeting. According to the Facebook`s definition, the purpose of custom audience is to “connect with people who have already know interest in your business or product”.

While working with Facebook custom audience, we have a few options. If we choose, for example, “Customer File”, we have the option either to import a customers list via MailChimp or prepare a file of our own customer data.

Feel the real power of Facebook remarketingFeel the real power of Facebook remarketing

You visit a shop online and browse for a few minutes. On the next day, you see a sponsored post in your Facebook feed for the same thing that you were mulling over. Or let’s say that you spent some time reading a killer blog post and then something like an advertising post appears on your page.

Sound familiar? That`s what makes Facebook`s platform and remarketing in general so powerful. Also, marketers can fine-tune their campaigns to a point where it seems like a science. That said, much of the success of any given retargeting ad comes down to how much attention you pay to your Custom audience.

Again, let`s suppose that you are an ecommerce shop that sells apparel for your adults. Here, it`s important to run ads with the appropriate imagery and copy that speak to the specific segments of your audience.

For example, your remarketing ads for summer blouses probably wouldn`t perform so well with your male audience members, right? Nevertheless, your men`s shoe deal wouldn`t do much for the females on your list.

Here is the result – marketers must craft their audiences accordingly.

Even if you are not worrying about so much about segmenting your traffic, you still have enough time for remarketing. Email is a good example here. When you import your email list into Facebook ensures that you can hit up those on your list who might not be regularly engaging with your messages. On the other hand, there is always an option to exclude those who are.

Why Facebook remarketing is worth your time?

Regardless of your business`s size, there is a reason why Facebook advertisements are the go-to for so many marketers today. The ability to drill down and target specific visitors is based on behavior is leaps and bounds above most of the options out there.

While no marketer should blindly throw money on Facebook advertising, they`re certainly worth experimenting with to bring bounced traffic and lost leads back to your business. That`s the reason why we should use Facebook remarketing in our business.



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