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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 2 minutes

How to master the art of professional DM?

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Every time, when you hear a sound of a notification on your phone, you know that it`s the sound of a direct message. Someone told you that he enjoyed your profile and you can follow him by clicking on the link below.

We are sure that you`ve received such messages many times on different social media platforms, and most of them were from unknown people who don`t have many subscribers and just want to increase their audience. Why we are telling you this? Because we know that you will probably use the same method for the same reason, and in this article, we will give you some core advices about sending the right social media DM.

Reach people through various touch pointsTwitter DM

The main reason that social media were created for is to create communication between users. You should remember that while planning your next message to someone. However, don`t be very quick. Don`t go in frontal attack, try to engage with the person through simple messages. For example, if we are talking about Twitter DM, you can start with a usual phrase “have a good day”. Post that tweet answer every week (for example, every Friday) to draw people`s attention. There is hundred percent possibility that person will react to such message.

Plan every step of your communication

If you have just sent a direct message to a person in the social media, you must understand what will be the next step. If he\she gives an answer, you should react immediately to keep the conversation alive. However, if person ignores you, it will be better to stop sending messages.

Know who are you chatting with

The process of drawing people`s attention through direct messages must be made with a clear understanding of who are your working with. Before starting the conversation, make sure that your potential fan is interested in what you are doing.

Personalize your DM

All of your messages should be unique, and here are some tricks of how you can highlight them:

  • Do your research. Before connecting people, spend at least five minutes of your time and analyze user`s profiles. Check the content they are posting, try to think what could be their potential interests.
  • Tailor your message to their communication style. Do they use emoji? Do they share jokes? Add some of these details in your messages.
  • Avoid automated messaging. People hate when someone talks to them like a bot. yes, it`s simple, but sometimes we want a piece of live communication.


You may not believe it, but that`s all that we wanted to say. Now you know how to work with social media DM and how to use them correctly.


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