New features of Instagram stories: reposts, GIFs and screenshots

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

With Instagram stories, people realized that they have more abilities for posting content, advertising their brand products, connecting with their audience and just be more active in the social media.

For the first time, we were able only to share photos or short videos (15 seconds) with captions. However, progress is not standing in one place, and today people are able to use new Instagram stories features, and in this article, we will tell you about these features.

You can now repost Instagram stories

We all know that the process of regramming content on Instagram is not so popular as it is on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms. You need to use different tools to make a repost and also give a credit of another person`s account. However, with Instagram stories, you can easily repost someone`s else story to your profile.

To make a repost, you should notice that your account should be tagged in someone`s story. You will get a notification about this and, after that, Instagram will offer you to add this story to your profile. You should click on this button. That`s all – repost is finished!

Instagram storiesShare Instagram stories

Every Instagram story (except advertisements) could be easily shared with other people on Instagram. The sharing process is very easy, you just need to follow these steps:

  • When you have opened Instagram story, click on the “plane” mark (like Telegram`s symbol) on the right bottom corner. You will see a swipe-up window with the list of your subscribers and the search bar.
  • Choose a person that will receive a message (or you can find him\her with the search bar) and click “send”.
  • You can also create a group of people who will receive your message in one time. If you want to share information with your friends, make a group and add all messages there.

GIFs in Instagram storiesrepost Instagram stories

This information could be interesting for people who like to share funny content in their stories. If you are getting bored with simple phrases in your stories, it`s almost time to use GIFs!

When you`ve chosen a photo or a video that will be added to your story, open the top bar with smiles, hashtags and other stuff. Scroll it down, and you will see different GIFs. You can use the search bar to find other GIFs dedicated to different topics. Than, when you choose your GIF, just post prepared photo or video, and everyone will see it with the added GIF(s).

Text-only “type” posts in Instagram stories

Sometimes people don`t need to share beautiful images or funny videos in their stories. Sometimes, they need to make an announcement or ask everyone to do something. And, if you really need to do something like that, you can use Instagram`s new feature called “type” posts.

The main idea is that you don`t need to add photos or videos. You already have a background (only choose the color) and a keyboard to type needed text.

Screenshot alertsScreenshot alerts

People often run different contests on Instagram, and one of the possible rules is to post a screenshot of someone`s story to your timeline. It helps people who run such contests to grow their audience and make their profiles more popular.

With Instagram`s new feature, user will be notified that someone made a screenshot of his story. It could help bloggers and marketers to track the number of users who take part in such competitions.


If you are an active Instagram user, you don`t need to ignore updates and features that come to the social media. Instagram developers make everything to entertain users and give them all possible functions. If you see that new feature is coming to the platform, you should be the first one who will test it.


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