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Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 10 Aug 2022

From Facebook promotions to Instagram Stories, we’ve got some truly amazing social proof that 2017 was a great year for social media. Get ready to see some social media hall of fame-worthy posts and to learn how to create your very own content plan for 2018!

Showcase Your Work

When it comes to Social Media, it literally is ALL ABOUT YOU – your business that it is! Gone are the days of posting constant promotional posts. Your followers are bombarded everyday with sales and ads. Start engaging with your fans by asking them questions or by allowing them entry into your business. Open up your back store and invite them in! Showcase your wonderful products on display or your staff hard at work. Building a successful business starts with a loyal customer relationship.


Learn how to Turn Phone Camera Photos into Stunning Content

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to keep your followers engaged every day. There are so many small businesses who can use this feature – bakeries, florists, gym trainers, fashion retailers, nutritionists and the list goes on and on. While you wait for your kids to get ready, you can get inspired by a quick healthy recipe. Or perhaps, you’re on the bus on your way to work – why not pick up the latest makeup trick for your next girls night out.

Talk About Your Products

Your followers are loyal to you because they LOVE your products – not because of the discounts. Of course there are some who only love the sales! But for the majority, they want to know your STORY. Share interesting facts about your goods. Are your creams made with a special ingredient? Is your jewelry made by a small tribe in South America? Does your product solve a problem? Be helpful, educate and entertain.


What your Product/Service is Made of

Show them how your products are created or services are provided. Daily posts will be appreciated by your followers as they are always curious to see what they are going to get. Don’t play with filters on your photos – honesty is always the best policy.


Talk About Your Services

From time to time remind them why they follow you. People follow so many Pages, they can easily forget who you are and what you sell. Remind them with stunning visuals. Go ahead and customize the templates with your logo. In the description, write a compelling text about your services. Answer a problem they may seek. Pin this post to the top of your Facebook page so it’s always the first thing they see!

image11Learn how to Promote Your Local Business on Social

Talk About Your Success

Rewards, competitions, appreciations, mentions – let them know how great your goods/services are. Share interesting facts like “Every minute, a new client signs up for our lose weight program”.


Can you notarize for your family?

Be open about your family life, career, and personal life. “Give questions to your audience about how you can spend time with your family or can you notarize for your family. ”

Talk About Your Clients

People love to be tagged in posts. If you can, take photos of them at your location and then write catchy posts with their mentions. Let the Domino Effect unfold!  When their friends see the posts, they will most likely wander over to your page. Friends trust each other. Rely on that and tag away!

image3Learn how to Use Facebook Comments and Messages to Get More Clients

Encourage your clients. Trilogy organized a photoshoot for their 15th Anniversary. With Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day coming – why not run a contest and offer a professional photo session as a gift. You can then post these photos on all your social media platforms. Real people will always win when it comes to brand authority.

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Talk About Your Team

Whether you sell products or are in the service industry,  your team is the most important part of your business. Get personal with your followers by letting them get to know your staff. Showcase your team’s skills and what they do to make all the magic happen!

image14Welcome Them Inside

Whether you are a store, office, gym or flower shop – show your followers the place where you spend most of your days creating the best services or goods for them.

image12Share Reviews

Testimonials provide a lot of depth for small businesses. Share them as posts – ask permission from your customer to use his/her photo and strategically place their positive reviews on the template. Real people, real reviews, real engagement.

image10Learn how to Use UGC To Create a Trusted Brand

Create your own unique hashtag for your brand or business. Ask your followers to use it. If it is a product review – display it on the visual and provide a link where they can read more about this product to buy it.



Motivate – be a good example to follow. If you provide services to people, you need to become an influencer, an authoritative person who they can trust. Share your photos as often as you can.  Authors, artists, coaches who share their personal lives on social tend to have more followers and loyalty. Be open about your family life, career and personal life. Share your life with them and they will likely share back.


Find Your Brand Advocate

We all have dozens of influencers’ Pages we follow. We read their reviews, feedbacks, see what they eat and wear. Your product is definitely is associated with a particular lifestyle: health, travelling, luxury etc. You need to define your influencer – a person who resonates with your company values. There are so many ways to collaborate with influencers or brand advocates – it’s up to you and your budget to define the best one for you.

image13Learn how to Find Influencers in Your Niche

Share Photos From Special Events

People like to belong to a community; they like the feeling of following something worthy. Social Media nurtures these feelings – your loyal fans Like and Share posts instinctively to show their support. Get them involved into your offline life and share photos of special events hosted by your company.


Develop Your Style

Visuals matter. Your photos don’t necessarily need to be done by a professional. Come up with several combinations, lights, filters and stick to them. Make your photos unique to you by giving your Profile the ammunition it needs to stand out on its own.

image17Your brand evokes definite emotions. Think of that feeling you want your followers to have when seeing your posts. Translate it into photos!  Little&Lively is a family brand, so they opted for happy, cute, well dressed babies and a relaxed mom.

image7Another good example is The Big Cheezy – delicious sandwiches no one can resist. If you are a cafe, restaurant or pub, think about the time you’re posting these “tempting” pics. Several hours before lunch – for cafes, several hours before the end of the office hours – for pubs.



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