Get more customers and orders with locator and local pages

Drive sales by helping visitors navigate on your website and find locations or professionals near them faster. Deploy your data to 10, 100, or 1000 local pages in bulk.

72% of local searches result in a store visit within 5 miles of the searcher’s location.

Loved by 50,000+ brands, marketing agencies, and local businesses


Make it easy for customers to find a nearby store or service

Help customers quickly find out which location is right for them. With one tap, they can see relevant contact information and services, so they’re one step closer to walking through your door.


Build and launch new template-driven websites

Customize your websites with a growing number of templates, while still managing all of them on the same platform. Maintain site identity and save time unifying your content production, governance, and distribution.


Create branded local pages for your every location

Deploy a large number of local search-optimized pages that guide visitors through a personalized customer journey unique to each specific location. Ensure global scale with local experience.

We've got the features to cover all your social media marketing needs

Customizable CTAs

Make it easy to take the next step with customizable buttons.

Combinable Filters

Display locations that meet customer needs at a given moment in time.

Mobile Responsive

Design a consumer journey that starts with mobile and ends offline.

Voice Search Optimized

Ensure your brand gets found when people use voice to find local businesses.

Optimal Loading Speed

Grow your rankings and conversions with fast loading local pages.

URL Formatting

Make your local pages richer and more readable for search engine crawlers.

ADA Compliance

Ensure your local pages meet current requirements and safeguard your business.

Structured Data

SEO-ready pages that boost the local search rank for every location.

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What our customers say

Bryan Vohsing, Marketing Manager at ohDEER

“It’s been amazing to have immediate access to our franchisees’ performance on search and social. The ability to post on their behalf and track their performance has saved us a ton of time and bolstered our local marketing strategy with deeper insights.”

Carla van Wyk, Head of Operations at Walfinch

“It’s great to have one ecosystem for managing our digital marketing channels. We have a comprehensive Dashboard to discover growth and prevent drops in the metrics that matter, in one place, on time.

Karissa Johnson, CEO and founder of Moms on the Run.

“We chose PromoRepublic to enhance our local marketing support and maintain a strong social presence in our communities. Their automated insights will help us track our brand performance and discover opportunities for growth throughout our system.

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Enterprise: for multi-location and direct selling brands. Manage thousands of social media pages of your local distributors, partners, or franchisees.

Agency: for marketing agencies. Manage all your clients’ social media pages on one platform.