The Ultimate Guide for PromoRepublic Partners

Learn how to become a high-performing PromoRepublic partner in a few simple steps. From defining customer avatars to exploring the product.

The Ultimate Guide for PromoRepublic Partners

See how much you can earn!

Type of Account

SMB Solo (yr. - $108)

SMB Standard (yr.- $468)

Agency Pro (yr. - $950)

White Label

*SMB Standard (mo. - $49)

*Agency Pro (mo. - $99)

Paid to You

$20 - $30

$95 - $165

$190 - $333

$400 - $1K+

$50 - $205

$90 - $415

*depends on referred subscription duration

To learn more about the products and features, download the guide below.

What Do You Get?

Biggest commissions

Receive up to 35% commission for each subscription you refer.

Direct Payouts via PayPal

Commission payment to your PayPal account every month.

Full-Featured Dashboard

Get your own dashboard and keep track of your commissions.

Support and Advice

We provide you with banners, texts, images, educational content.

Quarter Bonus

Get an extra bonus each time you achieve a certain number of sales during the period.

Goal #1

$20 bonus

1st sale (during Q3)

Goal #2

$50 bonus

5 sales (during Q3)

Goal #3


10 sales (during Q3)

  • Revenue share lifetime upgrade - 25%

Goal #4


20 sales (during Q3)

  • 3% of Q3 revenue one - time bonus
  • Revenue share lifetime upgrade - 30%

Goal #5


35+ sales (during Q3)

  • 5% of Q3 revenue one-time bonus.
  • Revenue share lifetime upgrade - 35%

All the bonuses and rates are paid / start working the next month after gaining the achievement.

The maximum you can get by reaching 35+ sales in Q3 is: $920 during the period (20+50+100+250+500); 5% one-time bonus for the whole Q3 period (paid in October); 35% rev. share for all the future transactions. The Quarter ends on September 30.

What makes PromoRepublic stand out

Content Library

A Content Library with 100,000 Post Ideas and ready-to-use visual templates

Graphics Editor

Built-in Graphics Editor with various fonts, shapes, and banners


AI-driven scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and GMB


Streamlined agency-client collaboration and approval workflow

White Label

White Label platform to provide advanced brand experience and grow profits


Boosting feature to grow reach of posts on Facebook and Instagram

Inbox Manager

Organizes all incoming messages across your social profiles

Mobile app

Allows to create and schedule social media posts from the mobile app

PromoRepublic social media marketing solution for agencies

Find insights in our Partnership Guide

Here you will learn about the PromoRepublic product set, pricing plans, and our clients’ avatars. You will also find our product features sales messages, and the most valuable links to work with - all in one place. Download the PDF by clicking the link below.

Made with care specifically for our partners

Download the Guide
Find insights in our Partnership Guide

Explore success stories

Learn what our clients say about us.

“The collaboration process was wearing the team down. It was difficult, complicated, and clunky to work from end to end, passing spreadsheets between its members, then sending them to clients for approval, and receiving everything back to hammer out the details. As the back-and-forth pattern repeated, the team spent 5 hours per week on coordination alone. For a single client, PromoRepublic has saved at least two hours a week, which were previously spent on alternating processes”

Marilyn Heywood Paige

Vice President of Marketing at Inciting Marketing Solutions

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Marilyn Heywood Paige

“I discovered PromoRepublic 2 years ago and it took a place close to all of six tools I used before. Obviously, I’m pretty busy, so I needed a tool that could streamline things, make them quicker and easier. I can say PromoRepublic has definitely done that for me”

Kirsten Schultz

Owner of Marketing Ally

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Kirsten Schultz

“Offers pre-defined tasteful and relevant posts and ideas that you can simply schedule. Your schedule allows you to reuse your posts - for example, post next week and then every 90 days. Great editing capabilities - upload or select your picture and add icons, graphics, texts etc directly on the image. Ability to write notes on the calendar - which can help me plan a year´s worth of different topics and ideas. I tend to be creative in bursts, that is when I sit down to create one topic, I normally come up with 3 or 5”

Sergio Sedas

Leadership & Engagement Consultant | Keynote Speaker

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Sergio Sedas

“I was looking for a low cost social media scheduling program that would allow several different accounts to post without costing an outrageous amount of money. Very happy with PromoRepublic. Would highly recommend. I manage several different agencies social media accounts and was able to cross post, repeat post, and end posts. The calendar is super easy to understand. Straightforward design without getting caught up in complicated coding. Works great, user friendly, and very affordable. Highly recommend”

Kim B.

Social Media Coordinator

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Kim B.

Product onboarding video for partners

Watch a video tutorial to learn the pain points of each customer segment and how PromoRepublic features solve them.

Product onboarding video for partners

Promo Materials to work with

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Start working with us

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Enterprise: for multi-location and direct selling brands. Manage thousands of social media pages of your local distributors, partners, or franchisees.

Agency: for marketing agencies. Manage all your clients’ social media pages on one platform.