Introducing Inbox for Google My Business

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Hey, we have some great news! PromoRepublic proudly presents the Inbox feature for Google My Business. 

  1. What is Google My Business?
  2. What Is Inbox for Google My Business? 
  3. How Does It Work? 

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is an effective tool for your business network.

  • It allows physical business locations to increase search visibility on Google Search and Google Maps.
  • It makes it easy for customers to get to your location, read and share reviews, and find useful information like phone numbers, websites, working hours, etc.
  • It is one of the key channels for offline business that helps connect and build loyalty with customers.
  • It is free and easy to use.

Managing your Google My Business account is cost-effective in terms of changes to work hours, “pick-up” locations, and service availability or accessibility. Updating this information is quick and saves lots of time, energy, and money, providing excellent customer service to your client. Moreover, higher rankings on GMB make your business stand out on Google Search as it is one of the features that positively influence the Google Search algorithm.

If your locations are verified, you can connect them to PromoRepublic. Google provides detailed information on how to create and verify your local business. Please note that according to Google My Business API, there is a limitation – a business with over 10 locations cannot use the post feature through third-party tools like PromoRepublic.

What Is Inbox for Google My Business

PromoRepublic launched Inbox for Google My Business to help you become more efficient in managing incoming communication from different channels. This functionality enables you to answer Google My Business Questions and Reviews in one place along with Facebook Comments, Reviews, and Direct Messages. 

How Does It Work

Whenever you receive a new review or question to your Google My Business location, you will simultaneously receive it in the PromoRepublic interface. Once you answer it, it will simultaneously appear in the PromoRepublic user interface, Google Maps, and Google My Business. 

The PromoRepublic user can manage the incoming communication by marking it reviewed or not (via the check mark in the conversation list). 

Also, to manage customer requests and compliance efficiently, you may want to answer negative reviews first. The Google My Business filter within PromoRepublic is designed to enable the user to instantly see reviews and questions of any rating based on user request. The sorter helps to sort communication by freshness and on the reviewed or unreviewed basis. 

For more detailed instructions, check out PromoRepublic Help Center.

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