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social media persuasion technique
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 2 minutes

Powerful social media persuasion techniques that can help you

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Every marketer, developer and designer who works with customers on social media knows that the biggest problem is his work is to make people watch his posts on different platforms. And the problem is not in ignoring other people`s posts – there aren`t any factors that could draw their attention. When we are talking about advertising posts on Instagram, we know that they include good image, completed description and a link to the shop where you can purchase the product. And if user sees such post, he will click on it because developer convinced him to do that. That`s how social media advertising works.

People often ask each other about good social media persuasion technique that will help them to attract customers and new followers, so we`ve decided to prepare an article to show you the most powerful techniques.

  1. LikingLiking

It`s not a secret that like is the most valuable metric in the social media. By counting the number of likes we are able to understand how people react on our content, our goods and our services. Here are some extinctions that you should know:

  • People like things that are familiar to them
  • People like people who compliment them
  • People like other people who are similar to them
  • Cooperation toward joining efforts inspires increased liking

In social media, every positive action that was performed with our content (like, retweet, repost or comment (only positive)) means that people enjoy what we are doing and we should continue doing it on the same quality.

  1. AuthorityAuthority

In social media, authority is more about virtual trappings than about titles and clothes. The most direct measure of this component is the number of people who will buy or download a recommended application or tool based on something more than authority`s endorsement. If Stephen King would recommend us to read James Patterson`s book, would we do that? C’mon, it`s Stephen King, the most popular writer of our days! Of course, we will trust him and read this book. That`s how the authority works.

  1. Reciprocation

In social media, people are more likely to make reposts from someone who has already reposted from them. We link to people who have linked to us. By continuing working with social media content that way, people are turning into auto following bots in a blink of an eye. we often see such example on Instagram, when people use hashtags like “like4like” or “followforfollow”. They know that people wouldn`t ignore an opportunity to get free like(s) and follow(s).

If you want to achieve success with those persuasion techniques, try to use them one after another, so they will give you a massive impact.



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