How to use social media to market your small business?

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We all know that every new project needs to be promoted. It`s normal, because at the beginning no one knows about your business, what it`s made for and what can they get from it.

Today people know lots of different strategies of business promotion. Of course, each of these strategies needs financial resources. However, what if you don`t have an opportunity to pay for it? What should you do? The answer is simple – you should use social media for marketing your small business. In this article we will show you some basic moves of marketing through different social media and how fast can you get first result. Let`s go.


The most common way of marketing in every business sphere. People are always look through the news feed in the social media, and every tenth post is an advertising post.

How should you start your advertising in social media? Set the location of your small business, find the most popular key words and hashtags. Users often follow hashtags instead of social media accounts to find what they need. Choose an interest category (for example, business) to orientate on specific group of on social media

For the first time, you can add advertising posts to the news feed on one time (for example, every day between 1 and 2 pm). Of course, each of these posts must be different. In one month, you will see changes – people will pay attention to your small business and will visit your page. Then, you can donate some money to expand your audience. You will get income from sells, so these donations won`t be something serious.

How to market a business? Analyze your audience

Of course, advertising is good for your business, but people want to see advertisements that correspond to their interests. Analyze your audience and potential clients, find out what groups in the social media they visit, what is their average age etc. Why you need this? Because you must know who are you working with. For example, if you give services of cleaning flats, houses, offices and other places, you probably won`t work with fourteen years old boys and girls who are watching cartoons and playing video games.

Create a group in social media to market a business

This is very smart move for all businesspersons who wants to grow business through the social media. There are two benefits of creating a group for your project:

  • You will be able to use your personal page for your own social media
  • You can focus on your business, because it is separated from your personal data.

However, you should create good and interesting group, which will gain subscribers and, of course, your potential customers. Here we have some advices for you to upgrade your group in social media:

  • Create and use your personal logo, company name and common short description. You are building your personal brand, so you should mark it with in all possible ways.
  • Put a link to your website on every social media group. Customers will click on it and be able to see your goods.
  • Use a common cover photo. This is the face of your small business, so people need to differ it from other companies. The photo must be on all company accounts in the social media.

Moreover, your group should have regular updates (at least 1 post per day), it`s own design and style that would be followed from the beginning. Be creative. Make something that no one else has. Something, that make customers come to you again and again.

Search for your potential competitors

Every sphere that includes small business have a huge group of developers. Everyone wants to be the best and have a bigger income.

If you have just started your business in the social media, you should analyze the situation on the market. How many competitors do you have? Who is the leader right now? What are your own perspectives? How many subscribers they have? How many likes, comments and reposts they have? You should find the answers to all these questions, so you should start working from the first day.use social media

Look through all business accounts, find their weaker spots. If you see, that they are much stronger than you now, you should work a lot to get on the same level with them. It`s not easy, so be patient.

If you use social media for marketing, you should take all potential of it. Group is a good variant, but we also recommend you to create a special community.

Even if you have small business, it`s hard to work alone for the whole time. You should have a team of developers who will help you to work with the audience in the social media. These people will analyze the statistic of your groups in each media and find possible ways to increase an activity.

Promote your small business in other social media groups

You will probably find this part a little bit strange, but be sure – it works. The main advice to this promotion is that you should work with groups from other sphere to avoid competitors. People always need different services and maybe one day they will look at your advertisement and say “Yeah, that`s what I needed!”.

Customers enjoy active social media using, so you should give it to them. Create an interrogation or make a huge dialog for a short period of time. Let them show their own opinion to you. Client is always right, remember this statement.

Use all possible social media. Try to be everywhere

We all know that Facebook is the most active social media in the world and, of course, most developers will use it. But who bans you from working in other media. Instagram, Tweeter, Pinterest. All these media have their extra abilities that could help you to market your small business.


Here we have basic points that should be used while marketing your small business on the social media. Of course, you should start using them in one moment right from the start of your activity. Pay attention to all details of your work with the social media, because your competitors will do the same. If you want to be the best, you should spend more time working and upgrading your business. Believe, in one moment you will sit down and watch people buying your goods and services as fast as possible. You`ve worked for your business, now your business is working for you!



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